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The PPRF urgently needs your help to cover the costs of the research team that will be working in Mindo, Ecuador in July & August.

Salaries and Airfare - $3100.00 The Study Director will receive a stipend. The Study Director's airfare will be paid by the PPRF as will a portion of Janine Spencer's airfare. David Wilson is paying all of his own travel expenses.

Transportation in Ecuador - $175.00 Covers one vehicle trip to Mindo to deliver equipment as well as bus costs for the science staff and taxi fares to and from the airport)

Housing/Food in Quito - $500.00 Covers one night each at the beginning of the trip for Joe, David, and Janine. An additional 4 nights are included for David to use for "time-off."

Housing/Food in Mindo - $3800.00 This figure covers 12 weeks of accommodations (6 weeks for David, 3 weeks each for Joe and Janine) based on a total rate of $45.00/day (includes the 22% IVA tax). We may be able to reduce this figure after some negotiation.

Research Site Fees Mindo - $500.00 $200.00 remaining for 2004 and $400.00 deposit due for 2005.

Total costs (excluding equipment costs) Mindo - $8075

How You Can Help

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Cash Donation

Mail your check to:

PPRF Treasurer
PO Box 490302
Lawrenceville, GA 30049

In-Kind Donation

Folks, there is some special equipment we will need to make our three-year research project in Mindo, Ecuador a success. If you or your club are looking for a way to make a meaningful contribution, or if you just happen to have access to some unused equipment, we'd sure appreciate your help. Here is a list of items we can use:

  1. We need two handheld GPS units that can link to a laptop computer through a USB or serial port. We don't care what brand they are as long as they work and operating instructions are available. We have two Magellan units now, but they do not link to a computer. We'd even consider trading our units to someone who has downloadable units that offer more features than they need.
  2. A digital videocamera.
  3. A Minidisc DAT recorder with microphones suitable for outdoor use.
  4. Leica Televid T77APO spotting scope with zoom eyepiece (Swarovski and Kowa also make similar scopes - the lenses MUST be coated and the body should be sealed so that it can be nitrogen charged).
  5. A 5 megapixel digital camera with a 56K or higher memory card.
  6. Write-in-the-Rain field notebooks.
  7. Bicycles. We will buy these in Ecuador and they will be used by the field team to travel from their housing accommodations to the research site.
If you can provide any of these items or have questions you'd like answered, feel free to email us.

Recruit other folks to help with donations

Want to help but lack resources? Don't fret. You can tell other Pionus owners, aviculturists, bird clubs, etc. about our work and encourage them to donate. Remember, no amount is too small. If 400 people give us $20 each, we're funded!

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