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While it's true that there are several groups who support Pionus parrot conservation efforts, the PPRF is the only organization in the world dedicated to performing and funding primary research on Pionus parrots. Conservation is vitally important, but the PPRF's stand is that until we know more details about the natural life of these birds, it's entirely possible that conservation efforts could be ineffective.

Our first trip to Ecuador provided us with some suggestion that Pionus parrots may not be the agricultural pests that many assume them to be. Continued research may very well provide the data needed to change farmers' opinions about these birds.

bronze-winged breast feathers
assorted Pionus parrot breast feathers
We ask you to consider making a contribution, joining our Foundation, or even agreeing to participate in future field work.. Those joining the foundation will receive a newsletter (published once a year - more frequently once we can sponsor several field studies per year). Members also have access to all of the data accumulated by the Pionus Parrot Research Foundation as well as the members-only message board area that will open shortly at this website. If you are a bird researcher, student, or interested amateur, you can apply to join one of our fieldwork teams.

Once our tax-exempt status is granted by the IRS, all contributions will be tax deductible in the US.

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**If you're applying for a student membership, please tell us the name of the school you're attending and also your faculty advisor's name and email or postal address. They might be interested in joing the PPRF as well. (Enter this information in the Comments field.)

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In Kind - PPRF is sorely in need of GPS systems, binoculars, hand-held CB radios, recording barometer, humidity measuring devices, field audio recording systems, etc. If you have equipment in top working order and would like to donate it to the PPRF as an outright contribution or in return for a membership, please contact the Managing Director for instructions.


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