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We’ll be updating this page as the PPRF makes additional acquisitions, so check back every now and then to see what’s new on the ‘shelves’.

Presented below is a list of books, magazines, and research articles PPRF members may borrow for up to six weeks. Please contact Charron DeVilliers, the volunteer librarian, with requests to borrow materials. You can email her at cdevill1@home.com.





Neotropical Birds: Ecology and Conservation, by Douglas Stotz, John w. Fitzpatrick, Theodore Parker III and Debra K. Moskovits.

A compilation of all fieldwork performed in Latin and South America over the past 25 years. It lists all known species of birds, their ranges, and their conservation priorities. In addition it provides detailed descriptions of habitat changes. While this book is not designed to replace the difficult work of plowing through thousands of research papers, it does provide persons interested in neotropical birds with the ability to acquire much of the requisite background knowledge for planning conservation projects.

  Behavioral Ecology of Tropical Birds, by Bridget J. M Stutchbury and Eugene S. Morton.

This fascinating book is a detailed discussion of the behavior of neotropical birds. The authors argue that since the majority of the birds in this hemisphere live in the neotropics, scientists should use their behavior as the standard against which all other birds are compared.

The book discusses in detail such topics as extra-pair fertilization and other "innovative" reproductive behaviors, physiological components of bird behavior, seasonal breeding territoriality, flock behaviors, vocalization, and biotic interactions. If you would like to go beyond reading " theories" about bird behavior and read what recent research has established as fact, spend some time with this book.

  Bird Trapping and Bird Banding, by Hans Bub.

Ever wonder where you could find plans for a two compartment raptor trap? Or asked yourself what a Siberian basket trap really looks like? Probably not. This is one of those books that provides you with more information than you will most likely ever use. Traps ranging from simple falls to complicated double pulls are covered in detail. This book is THE reference on proved techniques for capturing birds.

  Comparative Avian Nutrition, by Kirk Klasing.

Klasing is an avian nutritionist at UC Davis. The book addresses Klasing’s contention that different species have different nutritional requirements based on the physical structure of their digestive systems. Classing clearly identifies deficiencies in what is known and lists those studies that have made major contributions to what we do know. It helps to have a good understanding of organic chemistry to follow along with some of the topics covered, however the book is not so complex that the average aviculturist could not learn something of value from it.

  Pionus Parrots, by John and Pat Stoodley.

This is one of the most comprehensive books written on pionus parrots to date and is filled with excellent photographs of the various types of pionus subspecies. This book is out of print and some special borrowing procedures apply.





Magazines and Journals:


Journal of Field Ornithology

Interpretive Birding Bulletin

 This is a fascinating journal on bird behavior.


Cotinga is the journal of the Neotropical Bird Club.


Parrots is a British magazine. We have all issues containing Pionus articles (look for more details here shortly).

Pet Bird Report We have a collection of many issues. Look for more details here soon.





 Research Papers:


Conservation of the New World Parrots; Proceedings of the ICBP Parrot Working Group Meeting

Although these proceedings were released 20 years ago, there is much information about parrots to be gleaned from its pages. Sadly, some of the warnings presented in the book have come true while other situations have improved greatly. The book includes lists of parrots legally imported into the US during 1979-1980 – including 33 Plum-crowned and 2 Duskies. No Bronze Wings.


The Genetics of Captive Propagation for Conservation: A Manual for Aviculturists, by Catherine Toft, Ph.D of the Department of Avian Sciences at the University of California, Davis.

Catherine acts as a scientific advisor to the Pionus Breeders Association and has given us a copy of her paper. This is an interesting discussion of factors related to genetic changes which occur when species are captive-bred in isolation from wild populations. Many aviculturists believe that aviculturist efforts can assist in re-establishing wild populations of near-extinct parrots. Toft’s paper highlights facets of the controversy this topic engenders in both the avicultural and conservation communities.

  Taking A Bird's Eye View... In The UV, by Jay Withgott. 

An excerpt from BioScience, October 2000, vol 50 #10, 854-859), this article discusses the research work which is beginning to suggest that ultraviolet light may play a hugely significant role in how birds recognize each other for breeding purposes, signal each other, and identify food sources.






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