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In the July 2000 issue of Original Flying Machine, Layne Dicker laid down a challenge to companies who derive part or all of their income from sales to aviculturists - namely, that it's time to begin supporting research.

We are confident that companies, distributors, and breeders will realize that primary research into the ecology and behavior of Pionus parrots will benefit not only wild and captive parrots, but all neotropical parrots as well. The Pionus Parrots Research is proud to list the following commercial enterprises who provide financial and in-kind support to us and ask that you consider partronizing them whenever possible.


Avitech was incorporated in 1984 by Janelle M. Crandell and is managed by Ms. Crandell and her husband, Edward Chernoff. The Corporation is primarily dedicated to producing captive bred exotic birds and nurturing these animals to be outstanding human companions. Since avicultural activity involves the use of many associated products, Avitech also began to offer customers avian-related products found to be of exceptional value and usefulness. Avitech is also a well-established breeder of pionus parrots and other species.

Avitech is an outstanding supporter of avian research and we are proud to list them as PPRF's first commercial sponsor. The PPRF encourages you to patronize Avitech for all your avian needs. Visit their website at

Grey Feather's line of toys is designed to stimulate the intellectual curiosity of your avian companion with fascinating shapes & designs. Each toy is handcrafted & designed for your bird's chewing pleasure. All designs were inspired by their own flock and feedback from their customers. Grey Feather Toy Creations is owned by Monica Gonzalez.
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