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Field Work

We are presently conducting research on three species of Pionus parrot in Ecuador's Mindo Valley:
(P chalcopterus, P sordidus, P seniloides).

Our next expedition is planned for January 27 through February 16, 2001. During that expedition we are hoping to locate active breeding locations of all three species so that we can perform more detailed examinations of breeding behaviors on subsequent trips. We will also be watching how these three species affect agricultural activity in local plantations.

  1. We plan to perform point counts from three vantage points in the valley to continue recording the movements of flocks of parrots. Data from the first trip suggest that these parrots have a predictable schedule and we would like to reinforce that data. Information from these observations will also be used by the group attempting to locate active breeding areas.
  2. We will attempt to locate active breeding locations.
  3. We will continue to observe parrot behavior in agricultural settings.


The study staff includes four aviculturists (all from the U.S.), an undergraduate Biology student from Costa Rica, two Ecuadoran biology students, as well as Dr Jane Lyons, Ph. D. and Vinicio Perez (owners and operators of the Mindo Bird House which will be our base of operations).


We have already spent $2500 on airline tickets and advance reservations for this study. We still need an additional $5,000 to cover living expenses and travel expenses inside Ecuador. If you are not yet a member of the PPRF, please consider joining. If you're already a member, please help us out by talking to your bird club, bird supplies distributor, and local bird clubs to enlist support. If you require PPRF brochures, please contact us. If you prefer not to join the Foundation, but would like to make a contribution to support this important research, please contact us.



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