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The PPRF has been conducting a preliminary study in Ecuador's Mindo Valley since November of 1999. Click here to read about the preliminary study.

Based on the success of the preliminary study, the PPRF now announces its first formal study of Pionus parrots.


We will be studying the effect of flocks of Pionus parrots on agricultural crops.


The study will take place in a secluded area of Ecuador's Mindo Valley.


The study will begin in mid-July, 2004 and run through the end of 2006.


The team will be staffed by three working scientists and volunteer aviculturists.


We have rented and planted a one hectare field of corn. Observation blinds have already been erected so that observers will be able to remain in close proximity to the field without the parrots being aware of their presence. For more details, see the study draft.

Last updated 06/12/2004


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